Type-I Hand Phaser
(c. 2266)

Type-I Hand Phaser


First known version of the now-standard Starfleet hand weapon, this was a small, easily-concealed firearm carried by landing parties. Capable of a variety of settings and beam widths. Carried on diplomatic or low-risk missions.

The phaser was operated by using a thumb to turn the knurled dial on the top which raised the top plate. This revealed a small lens or screen which greatly facilitated aiming the tiny weapon. To fire, a small stud on the bottom of the weapon was pressed with the index finger. Another example has recently come to light, with much more detail on the top view.


Here we see the phaser come into its own, with all the features we know and love: vapourising, setting on stun, the beam, the sound made when firing. . . At least, before the new show Enterprise came along and muddies the issue!

Carried in a small pocket on the waistband, concealed by the tunic (or, as William Shatner readily admits, just tucked directly into the waistband!). Some dummy models even had a velcro patch. . .

The working prop did actually have a brass plate painted black which could be raised manually. This is actually seen to happen in "The Man Trap" when Spock adjusts his Phaser 2 using the knob on top of the Phaser 1 attached. The action also set the phaser's setting - as the wheel was turned to its full extent, a small plexiglass tube telescoped from the brass 'muzzle' - meaning that the phaser could 'really' only be fired on one setting!

Note also that in "Arena," when beaming down into unknown (but potentially hostile) circumstances, the captain, first officer and medical officer of a starship still carry Type-Is, while other members of the landing party have Type-IIs.


Spock has a Type-I, other crewmen have Type-IIs

"Walk, walk, walk. . ."

Never very easy to see


You wouldn't want to mix them up!

Funky, 70's style-TAS

A married couple squabble over who gets the TV remote


1930's tramp finds 2260's handweapon. . .

. . . presses the wrong button. . .

. . . and vapourises himself!


Ready-Brek advert?

Roddenberry catches Shatner & Barrett leaving a motel

What a hero. . .


Aiming. . .

. . . Firing!

"You rang. . . ack!"


Yay! . . . oh, wait it's the replicant. Poo.


Note raised front-plate

The Hippocratic Oath doesn't cover rocks, apparently


On Tyree's Planet, they haven't invented the wheel, yet they have falsies. . .

. . . and faux-feather boas!